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al_ecko's Journal

Alecko's Journal
I'm 25, female, living in the UK. I joined LJ to take part in the Pkmncollectors community and chose to collect Chatot (main) and Murkrow/Honchkrow and Rufflet/Braviary (sides). After two and a half years I'd managed to collect most of the Chatot items and after weeding out my collection again and again I eventually decided to get rid of all of it. I'm hoping that sixth gen comes out with some awesome new Pokémon for me to spend my money on!

I started collecting items from Bleach just over a year ago and it is now my main collection. I collect Rukia and Toushiro and prefer to focus on flat items. I also love production artwork, whether it is settei, sketches or storyboards. My absolute biggest grail is a production sketch of Toushiro in his timeskip look.